Divided we Fall… ” Reclaim our time.

Divided we Fall… ” Reclaim our time.

The current city election platform has developed into a landscape of Black candidates designed to pit the old against young; church congregation against church congregation; and preachers against nonpreachers. Maybe this is a testament to political enthusiasm. Given the limited resources available within this community to effectively campaign it’s a perfect storm for failure. A storm in which the hot winds may be no match for the cold cash that has become the X factor in politics.

Recent elections have reflected that the demographics of our community are such that viable the nontraditional African Americans candidates can fair well. The current scheme in the city races have so many candidates that if we are not wise it could lead to such divisiveness that the traditional candidates may fare well in this environment. It begs us to question the motivation that created such a large field. Is this a manipulation of the populace to create divisiveness in the African American community or true political passion?

As we evaluate this landscape in this most profound political era of political incorrectness, I suggest that we evaluate each candidate’s motivation, party affiliation, and their track record. Each candidate should be carefully examined and questioned. We should not be simply motivated by their words but look at actions and records or lack thereof. A close look at party loyalty and affiliation; community work and their core base of support gives meaningful insights to the heart and soul of each candidate.

While our two party system have served us well over the years the recent presidential election exposed the weakness of our current political system. While do not live in a dictatorship our current leader constantly displays an intolerance for independent thought and differing opinions. In fact, the election of our current president speaks to the extent to which many will go to undo the impact and successes of Barack Obama. We do not want to elect municipal candidates that would condone such practices. President Obama did not please all sides but tried to do what he thought was right. The Republican Party committed to disrupting any efforts he made with a “by any means necessary” approach to politics. The embarrassment of this current unstable administration should cause us to advocate that responsible candidates denounce the foolishness and work to get our country back on track. While I listen to those who argue that Republicans were equally offended by President Obama; his pedigree, training, and efforts to unite this country cannot fairly be compared with the leadership of a privileged white male; who refuses any level of tact or diplomacy. His approach to governing gives little or no regard for democracy and the principles that have sustained our country. His attraction of racist and radicals is a testament to who he is and how he is. His unstable administration and zero tolerance for those who dare to disagree with him are undemocratic and un-American. While we have clearly become the laughing stock of other nations, candidates need to vetted city council candidates upon their opinions of President Trump and his harm to our prominence as a world leader. Any “vetting” that does not include this evaluation would be inadequate.


Candidates for office should have some background of community service; consistency and authenticity. One should not simply look to get involved to lead their particular faction of the community if they have not in fact been involved in the fabric of the same. The involvement need not necessarily be a formal political office but should reflect some sustained and consistent measure of work and sacrifice to make this community better. While making a dollar is admirable, when a citizen seeks to lead voters must ask has the candidate been effective within their own circle of influence; and made a positive difference. This should be a minimal expectation of anyone who seeks to lead.


FAYETTEVILLE is a unique and very diverse community because of the military. However, there is a very strong communal spirit among the natives. Therefore, the convincing Manchurian candidates that look and sound good have not traditionally captured the enthusiasm of the voters of this community. This fact is very consistent with our hometown country bent… as they say in the hood “real knows real “.


Lastly, we must look at the base of support from which each candidate is birthed. Were they simply persuaded to join the campaign to play spoiler? Is this consistent with the progress and productivity of this community? Would they push us back in the wrong direction? These are all necessary questions. Much can be learned about people by their associations and affiliations. If there are none then why should our city government be their trial run in politics and governance? It is not difficult to determine the character of the base of a candidate. Most voters are wise enough to adopt the questions that unveil the core values of a candidate; whether they are conservative; moderate or liberal. As we grow older we are constantly reminded that our views may grow more conservative. However; this should never be misconstrued with insanity; bigotry and unfair bias.

In conclusion, this election demands that we be awake; alert and diligent or we get played. Unfortunately, the religious community which has traditionally offered the beacon of light to the black community has been compromised by a sophisticated scheme aimed at making them inconsequential. While we have enjoyed the effectiveness of a Ministerial Alliance and Pastors Coalition it is high time that they make greater efforts to come together to help the community meet its challenges. This can only be accomplished through transparency and candid communication. Anything less than that provides a disservice to the community and to the faith that they represent. We live in a society of laws and officials with the power and control of the resources of the community. We must demand responsible leadership, as well as, stewardship of those resources for good of all the people.

The former Mayor Marshall Pitts established a priority for parks and programs that benefit all of the citizens of this community. Mayor Pitt’s accomplishments are without any pecuniary gain. However, we seldom acknowledge this while reaping the benefits. Our thoughts are often manipulated and controlled and as we see today in Washington this can be catastrophic. We must not be hoodwinked; bamboozled and manipulated by church appearances and or candidates with the largest number of paid volunteers. We must demand truth; and consistency in principles and actions. We must evaluate; authenticity, honesty and the alliances of each and every candidate. Until we get that necessary information … we need not tolerate rhetoric any more than the Honorable Maxine Walters did in those recent hearings and “reclaim our time” and reserve our vote for the candidate that truly respects; reflects and projects values consistent with making Fayetteville good for everyone!!! Be mindful should the need arise we handle personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, accidents, all traffic offenses, felonies and misdemeanors, uncontested divorces and probate matters.