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To maintain a personal relationship with God that’s reflected in all we do as we strive to allow our daily moments of meditation to provide guidance, direction and compassion for others, and our advocacy for our clients and our community.

To honor our parents, care for our children respect our elders and love our brothers; humbly accepting criticisms, while striving to inspire all toward their greatness.

To face each day and each circumstance with, non bias, thoughtful analysis, discipline. And a fair sense of the issues and responsibilities inherit in our position, while seizing the moment to make a difference in the rooms we enter and in the lives of the people whose path we cross.

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Divided we Fall… ” Reclaim our time.

The current city election platform has developed into a landscape of Black candidates designed to pit the old against young; church congregation against church congregation; and preachers against nonpreachers. Maybe this is a testament to political enthusiasm. Given the limited...

Stand up for Something

While I've been regarded by some critics as arrogant and others as a trouble maker, I have always tried to stand up for that which I believe. Whether it is my effort in the Driving While Black campaign, the Fayetteville...

When Good Men Do Nothing …Bad Things Happen…

It's been 100 days since Donald Trump was elected President. Trump signed 90 executive actions in his first 100 days. He has been radical in his exercise of authority and has brought our executive branch into scrutiny and conversations around...